Why you Need Life Insurance Today!

If something were to happen to you today, what financial position would it leave your family?  One thing that is inevitable in this world is death, yet so many people fail to obtain a life insurance policy.  While still in your youth, it is easy to keep putting it off, but as you get older and begin to start a family, buy a home, and/or start a business, it is vital that you make life insurance apart of your financial planning to protect your family in the event of your death.  If you do

Change your Mindset to Change your Life

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the guest was speaking on wealth and how if wealth was distributed evenly amongst everyone in the United States, that within 10 years or less the same people who were poor would be poor again and those who were rich would have earned back what they lost and more. I know some may find this hard to believe, but think about it; how many people have you known that have come into a large sum of money only to blow it all?  This is

Recycle Your Investment Funds

So you have read all the books, conquered the mindset portion of your journey focusing on saving and living a lifestyle that is well below your means, and now you are ready to invest. What’s next for most people is the accumulation of a set monetary amount that you will invest into an asset. You worked overtime, got a side hustle and were able to save 10,000 to 20,000 dollars to put down on your first rental property and now you do so and feel great but there is one problem. You are out

How To Build Your Credit

So you don’t have any collections, late payments, or charged off accounts on your credit, but you still struggle being approved for any loans or credit accounts?  If you find yourself constantly getting denied for credit, then you may need to focus on building positive credit history.  I know most people are asking, “Well, how am I supposed to do that when I can’t get approved for anything???”  To start building credit, or even rebuilding, you will have to start with some unconventional ways first. Credit Building Accounts Apply for a Credit Builder Loan. 

How to Stop Paying Rent

There is a relatively unknown concept in many circles that is a powerful wealth-building tool that many of us know the fundamentals of but few use to supercharge their decent to financial freedom. This concept is called “house hacking” and gives you the ability to live rent-free or subsidize a good portion of your rent, allowing you to save or invest what would normally be paid to a landlord or mortgage company. Now before you write this off as being completely far fetched, let us assure you that it is a lot simpler than

A Little Change Can Go a Long Way

So my husband and I have been saving our spare change for the last couple of years and let me just say, it adds up quickly! Every two weeks we cash ours in (We go to Publix and use their coin machine) and it’s usually anywhere between $45-$60.00 in there. (That is the actual jar we use in the picture above!) We use ours for date night, however there are countless ways you can use your spare change and you can allow yours to build up even longer for different goals you may have! 

Tired of Your Money Running Away? This is How you Catch it!

Financial literacy was always something that I took for granted. I mean we all know the old sayings of “pay yourself first” “live within your means” and other information passed down from generation to generation which basically amounted to enjoying the weekend with friends and loved ones  and hoping that you saved enough money for gas to get back and forth to work until you got paid on Friday.  This is  what life is like for most americans and without pursuing resources that will further educate you on the pillars of finance will be most