A Little Change Can Go a Long Way

So my husband and I have been saving our spare change for the last couple of years and let me just say, it adds up quickly! Every two weeks we cash ours in (We go to Publix and use their coin machine) and it’s usually anywhere between $45-$60.00 in there. (That is the actual jar we use in the picture above!) We use ours for date night, however there are countless ways you can use your spare change and you can allow yours to build up even longer for different goals you may have!  Here are a few things you can use your spare change for! 

Pay off a Collection Item

I think this is the absolute best way to use your spare change.   When working in personal finance, one thing I noticed is that many of my clients had relatively small collections.  Hospital bills and lab fees were amongst the majority of collection items on my client’s credit report. Cash in your change at the end of the month (or longer if needed) to pay off one of your collection items to start building your credit. 

Dinner & a Movie

Lets face it, sometimes eating out and entertainment is just not in the budget.  Save your change to treat yourself and/or a significant other to a date night.  You’d be surprised at how fast your spare change will add up and its an excellent way to fund a night out! 

Personal Grooming. 

Can’t remember the last time you’ve been able to get your hair done? Or maybe you badly need a pedicure/manicure? You can use your spare change to fund your personal maintenance that sometimes just doesn’t fit in the budget.  


If you’re like most people, you may not use cash as much,  but you’re still able to save and invest your spare change through the app Acorn!  The app rounds up your purchases on a linked credit or debit card and moves the change into a computer managed investment portfolio! Another cool feature the company has added is their  “Found Money” program that allows you to earn cash back for your investment account through purchases made at more than 100 companies they have partnered with, as long as you use your linked card! I think that this is an excellent way to learn more about investing. 

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