How to Save, Pay Debt, and Maintain Bills on a Stretched Budget

This is a question that I get a lot, “How do I save, maintain my monthly expenses, and paydown debt at the same time! When you are drowning in debt while trying to pay your monthly bills it can seem like an impossible task to keep your head above water and saving seems out of the question!  I know many have trouble prioritizing what to they should be paying first or if they should be saving at all while in debt.  Sometimes it can be discouraging getting advice to just  “budget” and “cut back your

Tired of Your Money Running Away? This is How you Catch it!

Financial literacy was always something that I took for granted. I mean we all know the old sayings of “pay yourself first” “live within your means” and other information passed down from generation to generation which basically amounted to enjoying the weekend with friends and loved ones  and hoping that you saved enough money for gas to get back and forth to work until you got paid on Friday.  This is  what life is like for most americans and without pursuing resources that will further educate you on the pillars of finance will be most

How to Effectively Use Credit Cards to Boost your Credit Score

I remember my credit clients used to absolutely  HATE when I tell them that they need to get a credit card in order to see a real boost in their credit score!  The majority feel that they lack the discipline to use the card responsibly.  Although I definitely understand, (sometimes I have to hide my cards as well) credit cards are going to be the fastest way to build a credit score especially if you lack existing credit.  The best tip I can give someone who is recovering from bad credit is a secured

“Its not your salary that makes you rich, its your spending habits”

This article contains affiliate links for services and sites we trust or use.  To learn more , please read our full disclaimer.  How many times have you gotten that good paying job or that raise at your current job and felt that you were finally on your way to doing better financially, only to find yourself in the same financial position you have always been in; living paycheck-to-paycheck and unable to save? This is because the more money we make the more money we tend to spend. Once we get an increase in pay, we