How the Envelope System Can Save Your Budget

So you’ve finally mastered excel and established a budget that works for you! Only problem is, you still seem to end up short each month without really understanding how! Trust me, it happens to the best of us! With most of us using debit cards for our monthly bills as well as miscellaneous and household expenses, the lines of how much money to spend on what can become very blurred! This is why I absolutely LOVE the envelope system! What Is The Envelope System? The envelope system is simply a budgeting method in which

A Little Change Can Go a Long Way

So my husband and I have been saving our spare change for the last couple of years and let me just say, it adds up quickly! Every two weeks we cash ours in (We go to Publix and use their coin machine) and it’s usually anywhere between $45-$60.00 in there. (That is the actual jar we use in the picture above!) We use ours for date night, however there are countless ways you can use your spare change and you can allow yours to build up even longer for different goals you may have!